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BJP MP Offers Rs 3 Cr To TDP MLA?

BJP MP Offers Rs 3 Cr To TDP MLA?

The desperate attempts to help Chandrababu Naidu and his party is being carried out in a big way by some of the ardent well wishers. 

This grapevine is making rounds in social media. A popular BJP MP who jumped from TDP a year ago has offered Rs 3 Cr to a TDP MLA who won for a second time to keep him in the same party and not jumping into YCP.

It was said that the MLA is in indecisive vacillation from a few weeks whether to remain in TDP or join YCP. Knowing this the BJP MP has come into picture before the MLA makes the firm decision. 

Now it should be seen if the MLA rejects the offer and takes his own decision, accepts the offer and remains in the same TDP or accepts the offer but joins YCP.

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