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Bitter Defeat: KTR Upset With KCR's Decision

Bitter Defeat: KTR Upset With KCR's Decision

KTR had advised his father, KCR, not to grant tickets to 30-40 incumbent MLAs facing the toughest anti-incumbency in their respective constituencies.

The majority of these incumbents were identified as those who hadn't worked for the benefit of the people in their constituencies, maintained poor relationships with voters, and were lazy.

However, KCR did not heed this advice. Despite warning his MLAs to work hard to secure the tickets a few months ago, none of them put in the required effort.

Instead, all of them were given tickets by KCR at the last moment. This decision of KCR resulted in a blunt defeat for BRS, limiting the seats to 39.

It was said that KTR had been upset for quite some time, observing the results, and understood that his father's decision led to this mishap.

Inside sources indicate that both KTR and Kavitha are deeply upset that their father did not heed their advice, which could have saved the party from defeat.

KCR assumed that people would vote based on his face and the welfare schemes, but he didn't pay much attention to the image of the candidates in their respective constituencies. This overconfidence and negligence ultimately invited defeat, as per KTR and Kavitha.


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