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Behind The Scene: Pawan Beat Up YSR's Men?

Behind The Scene: Pawan Beat Up YSR's Men?

The other day, Pawan Kalyan addressing a meeting of Jana Sainiks narrated an interesting incident which occurred during the time of Praja Rajyam.

Pawan Kalyan had made a strong comment: “Congress vallani battalu oodadeesi kottandi.”

The comment naturally attracted a lot of attention. “I went to the Party office the next day and all the so-called big leaders of Praja Rajyam were missing. I was told that everyone was nervous because in response to my comment, YSR would be sending his men to attack us.

I immediately sat on a chair in front of the office and waited for them. I never had any security people around me in those days. 

Pretty soon, the Party office which was looking desolate was filled with around 2000 cadre and fans in my support and we all waited or YSR’s men. They did arrive and we chased them on the streets and beat them up badly,” said Pawan Kalyan.

He narrated this story to instill courage in his cadre and ask them not to be afraid of anyone or anything. A really good story by Pawan Kalyan except for one small doubt! Did this incident really happen?

If a mob of around 2000 people chases a group of Congress party cadre on the streets and a fight ensues with the latter group being injured badly, what were the media and police doing?

Surely, the yellow media at least would have reported the incident as it will put YS Rajasekhar Reddy in a bad light? The police would have certainly filed some cases? But nothing of that sort happened!


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