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Behind The Scene: Optimism Or Foolishness?

One cannot help feeling sorry for Revanth Reddy. He recently made a statement that it would be a waste for the TDP leaders of Telangana to join the TRS as the TDP will form the government after 2019 elections.

TDP forming the government in Telangana? Revanth Reddy and CBN getting caught red-handed in the Stephenson case, has sealed the fate of TDP once and for all in Telangana.

The TDP which until then had been speaking of section 8 in Hyderabad went completely silent on the issue. Naidu who was decorating his offices and houses in Hyderabad has packed up and left Hyderabad for good. Against this backdrop, what can one say about Revanth Reddy’s statement?

Is it that of a man who is positive in any kind of situation or that of a person who just cannot see the writing on the wall? In fact, political analysts say that it is a matter of time before Revanth himself will leave the TDP. There is just no future for the party in Telangana as long as KCR is there.



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