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Behind The Scene: Greedy as hell!

Telangana Finance Minister, Etela Rajender has requested Union Minister, Arun Jaitley to grant 'special status' to his State.

It does not require a person of Arun Jaitley’s stature, anyone acquainted with the T-agitation and subsequent vivisection of Andhra Pradesh would immediately vouch for the fact that special status for Telangana is completely uncalled for.

United Andhra Pradesh got 55% of its revenue from Hyderabad alone. Now this Hyderabad built on the sweat and toil of Andhra people has gone to Telangana.

So the 10 districts of Telangana would be solely enjoying the revenues of Hyderabad which earlier used to be split among 23 districts.

Having got such a bonanza, how can the TRS still ask the Centre for a special status? By making this demand they simply want to curtail AP’s efforts at getting a special status.

The Centre in the wake of demands from both AP and Telangana in its bid to do justice might scrap the proposal of both States. That would make KCR truly happy!



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