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Behind The Scene: Chiranjeevi as Chief Minister?

Behind The Scene: Chiranjeevi as Chief Minister?

Megastar Chiranjeevi, known for his film career, has declared his departure from politics after his Rajya Sabha tenure ended in 2018. However, his name continues to be a reference in political discussions. 

In recent times, senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Chinta Mohan has been contemplating Chiranjeevi's role in AP politics of 2009.

During his visit to Visakhapatnam, Chinta Mohan expressed his regret to the media, suggesting that if Chiranjeevi had been appointed Chief Minister of the Congress party, the situation in Andhra Pradesh would have been different.

Chinta Mohan is referring to the events of 2009 when, following the demise of YSR, Roshaiah and Kiran Kumar Reddy assumed the position of Chief Ministers. However, there is concern within the Chinta Mohan camp that Chiranjeevi should have been chosen as the Chief Minister instead.

While Congress has provided opportunities for leaders from various social groups to hold the position, appointing a Kapu leader would have changed the fate of Congress in a better way as per Chinta Mohan. 

The former Union Minister now promises that Congress will regain power in Andhra Pradesh, and they will certainly select a Chief Minister from the Kapu community. He ardently advocates for the Kapu cause, but he seems to have forgotten that Chiranjeevi was not a member of Congress when YSR passed away in 2009. Chiranjeevi's Praja Rajyam party merged with Congress only afterward.

Chiranjeevi was later appointed as a Rajya Sabha member and served as a minister in the Congress party. He explains that despite many Congress leaders desiring Chiranjeevi as the Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh, the central leadership chose Roshaiah and Kiran Kumar Reddy based on seniority.

The question arises whether it would be prudent for Congress to leave the past behind and declare Chiranjeevi as their Chief Ministerial candidate in the upcoming elections.

Some suggest discussing this matter with senior leaders at the central level and entrusting Chinta Mohan with the task. However, Chiranjeevi has distanced himself from politics and remains focused on his film career. He unequivocally states that he is no longer involved in politics.

The realization of Chinta Mohan's aspirations and the potential revival of Congress rests on uncertain grounds.


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