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Behind The Scene: Can I-PAC score in Telangana?

Behind The Scene: Can I-PAC score in Telangana?

Political strategist and IPAC Founder Prashant Kishore is a person very much in demand.

His resume is indeed quite impressive: he helped the BJP come to power at the Centre, Nitish Kumar in Bihar, Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi, Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal and YS Jagan in Delhi.

His only defeat was in Uttar Pradesh where he worked with the Congress but was decimated by Yogi Adityanath. That has been the only blot on an otherwise shining career.

The latest regional client of IPAC is YSRTP headed by YS Sharmila. Unlike, his previous clients who were heavyweights, YSRTP is a fledgling Party and as of now, there is hardly any buzz about it with the focus more on the relations between Jagan and Sharmila.

Previously, IPAC had worked with Parties secure in both money, muscle and media power. YSRTP is an altogether different story. Is there a space for the Party in Telangana politics?

Revanth Reddy has infused fresh life into the Congress and BJP has the best person at the helm in recent times in the form of Bandi Sanjay.

Given this scenario, what is going to be the strategy of IPAC for Sharmila’s Party in Telangana? How will it create a unique space for Sharmila?

According to a YCP insider, “It’s only a small IPAC team which is currently working for YSRTP. Prashant Kishore is a very good friend of the YSR family and he could not say no when Sharmila approached him for help. Besides, even if YSRTP does not do well in Telangana, it will in no way be a reflection on IPAC’s abilities as everyone knows that YSRTP is a huge long shot.”

Going by ground reality, if IPAC can help Sharmila win at least 5-10 seats, it will set the base for the Party’s future growth. And that will be no mean achievement indeed.

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