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Behind The Scene: An Admission Of Guilt?

In trying to project the RK beach rally as a failure and the Jalikattu marina beach rally as a success, the yellow media has launched propaganda that the failure of the RK beach rally is an indication of the fact that people were happy with the special package and not interested in SCS. None can be further from the truth!

For starters, the Jallikattu rally in Chennai was successful because the State government was not opposed to it. It was a protest against the Centre and Pannerselvam made sure that police personnel were deployed to prevent any untoward incidents but not thwart the rally. In AP, it was a reverse scenario.

The State government went into overdrive arresting hundreds of students and preventing Jagan Mohan Reddy from entering Visakhapatnam. In short, it did everything to prevent the rally which was aimed at the Centre. But the TDP acted as if the rally was against itself and this is an admission of guilt. Even the BJP would not have been so proactive in curbing dissent.

The TDP knows fully well that it is equally to blame for the State not being accorded SCS. So, while the State government was with the students in Chennai, in AP, it was the complete opposite. And that made all the difference to the success of the rallies.



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