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Balayya Draws Pleasure In Slapping Fans?

Balayya Draws Pleasure In Slapping Fans?

Senior actor and Telugu Desam Party legislator from Hindupur Nandamuri Balakrishna seems to be getting vicarious pleasure in slapping his fans and party workers, forgetting the simple logic that it would only get bad name for him and also his legendary father late N T Rama Rao.

In a latest video that is going viral, Balakrishna was seen slapping a TDP worker during his Intintiki Telugu Desam campaign in Hindupur recently.

As Balakrishna was approaching a house to distribute the TDP pamphlets and campaign brochures among the inmates, an enthusiastic TDP worker tried to overtake him to reach the house.

An agitated Balakrishna slapped the worker and pushed him away, even as the other party workers were raising slogans in support of the TDP and the actor.

Actually, the worker was pushed by a senior TDP leader who was in a hurry to catch up Balakrishna and it gave the impression that the worker was trying to overtake Balakrishna.

Another party worker captured the entire show on his mobile and now the video has gone viral in the social media.

The senior actor had earlier slapped a fan in Nandyal when he was offering a garland to the star and get a selfie clicked with him. In August, Balakrishna slapped his assistant to make him tie his shoestrings.

It may be a non-serious thing for Balakrishna, but it only shows his lack of culture.



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