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Babu Is Obsessed With Publicity: Chiranjeevi

Babu Is Obsessed With Publicity: Chiranjeevi

Ex union minister Chiranjeevi was visiting Anantapur and on the occasion he alleged that even when the relief activities of cyclone Hud Hud were going on, Chandra Babu was interesting in only getting publicity.

He also criticized Babu for failing in helping and consoling those devastated by the cyclone. Since Babu and his government failed to take proper action despite warnings, nearly 50 people lost their lives, said Chiranjeevi.

After having promised the farmers and DWACRA women that he would sign the file on loan waivers the minute he became the CM, Chandra Babu has been saying a new thing each day pointed out Chiranjeevi.

He added that Babu did not seem to have any clout in the Centre, due to which no special status has been accorded to the newly carved Andhra Pradesh.

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