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Babu Furious With Lingamaneni?

Babu Furious With Lingamaneni?

The name of businessman and TDP politician Lingamaneni Ramesh is associated with illegal constructions on the Krishna, and the residences of Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan in the new capital region.

When Pawan Kalyan helped the TDP come to power, everything was smooth for some time. But later, Pawan started to feel that he was not getting due prominence.

At this stage, Lingamaneni apparently told Pawan Kalyan that he would get his respect from the TDP only if he criticized them.

Pawan then started a vicious assault against Lokesh and the TDP accusing them of corruption.

Alarmed at these developments, Chandrababu asked Lingamaneni to meet him. But the latter avoided Chandrababu and said he would explain everything in due course.

But later, things spiraled out of control and eventually, the Jana Sena contested on its own and ate into the vote bank of the TDP.

Had the Jana Sena supported TDP again, the yellow party would have put up a far better performance in the recent elections.

Therefore, Chandrababu holds Lingamaneni responsible for his electoral debacle.



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