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Atchen Naidu Creates Ragging Troubles To CBN

Atchen Naidu Creates Ragging Troubles To CBN

The YSRCP government has planned to conduct the Assembly sessions for just two days and close the season.

But Atchen Naidu, being in the opposition party wanted to play his role by demanding the extended days of Assembly. In a way he wished to impress Chandrababu with this demand.

Surprisingly, the ruling party agreed to the demand and extended the session. Now this is a big problem for Chandrababu Naidu.

It is known that the YSRCP MLAs are continuing to rag Chandrababu every time they stand up to talk about something. That too, the present victory in the local elections made them more vocal and witty.

Chandrababu might have thought that it is enough to bear the ragging for two days. But with Atchen Naidu's demand the ragging days for him are extended to few more days.

Many are cracking jokes that Babu must be cursing Atchen Naidu now.

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