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Astrology: Your horoscope for the week starting May 13

Astrology: Your horoscope for the week starting May 13

Aries (21st Mar – 20th Apr): Good time to apply for new jobs. Personal interactions may also increase. You will able to maintain mental alertness that helps you to explain your thoughts and ideas easily and straightforwardly to the other people. Happy news from distant places is predicted may be from abroad. Health will improve. Time is also favorable to deal with financial matters. Your hard work may not go futile; it will yield good results in long run. Little patience is required.  Children’s education is likely to create emotional chaos. Involving in charitable works will be good. 

Taurus (21st Apr – 21st May): This is good time for making important decisions and for serious discussions, negotiations and business dealings. Friendships made now will be lasting and dependable. Good time to work on speculative investments. Grab the opportunities that come your way. People working in creative fields will find new ways to explore. You are advised to be helpful and empathetic to other people. Spiritual and mystical activities will hold your attention. Your spirit to care for others will bring you esteem and it also gives you self-respect.  

Gemini (22nd May – 22nd Jun): New people may enter your life and would likely be different or exciting in some way. Unexpected good news may come your way. Friends will be helpful in many ways. You are likely to spend larger amounts than usual. Don’t overreact to what others say until you have checked out what was intended. It is not a good idea to make up your mind instantly until you have discussed it with everyone. Professionally it will be a very busy time but it is also be a productive time. Domestic issues will go smoothly. 

Cancer (23rd Jun - 22nd Jul): Good concentration and attention to detail means will get things done neatly and on time. Financial matters to be taken care. Don’t unnecessarily overload yourself with other’s problems. Your social life may not be comfortable. Your emotional reaction in public pertain to a situation may feel strange, but it lets other people see your more human side. You will keep changing your decisions regarding personal life due to fickle mind; you are advised to practice mediation and other natural calming ideas to keep your thoughts under control. 

Leo (23rd Jul – 22nd Aug): You are likely to make good friends in social gatherings. Financial developments are apparently indicating, however revise of a financial decision will be there. Nagging issues may arise at work place with coworkers. Dear one may come to you to seek help or advice to solve their issue. Good time to look forward for new things in life. Expect some hesitation at family regarding your decision or wish. People who are preparing for competitive exams should work hard to get the desired result. Contractors may sign new assignments. 

Virgo (23rd Aug – 22nd Sep): Your superiors may have good impression on you because of good rapport with them. Giving little emphasis on unsolved issues may get cleared if you really want them to be. Any activities with group will certainly joyful and beneficial. You are likely to receive invitations to rich places. Expect some hostilities or even trivial ego struggles in the public sphere. You are advised to be caution in few activities as injuries and minor accidents are indicating. Partnership businesses may demand modifications.  

Libra (23rd Sep – 22nd Oct): You may have to pay attention and give time to family members.  Change of dietary habits is recommended. Unemployed may not have too many choices, better to accept the offer that comes through a friend or known person. Work pressure will be more for those who are working in education and creative fields. Your stubborn attitude may surprise others in a serious discussion. Your personal life will be fulfilling with minor adjustments. You can expect financial support from your spouse. 

Scorpion (23rd Oct – 22nd Nov): New contacts made at this juncture will last for long time. Monetary gains are foreseen in partnership businesses. Meeting people in distant places is likely. Your curiosity to learn new things will be fulfilled. Your opinions may not be accepted by everyone. Expect some disagreements in the family. Hasty decisions in investments may land you in troubles. Though everything is positive around you, there might be some emotional confusion which may lead to mental chaos. Good things certainly happen to you with little patience. 

Sagittarius (23rd Nov – 22nd Dec): Partnership businesses will expand. Best deals will come your way. One of your close relationships may come under strain. Maintain patience and understanding nature. Deal carefully in all legal matters and contract negotiations. Socially you will be on top of the world. New contacts made at this time will last for longer time. Unexpected news may bring happiness at home. Some misunderstandings between your friends or family members may get resolved with your interference. Plans regarding entertainment trips will be successful.  

Capricorn (23rd Dec – 22nd Jan): Nagging working schedule makes you restless. Your colleagues and associates may not be always cooperative.  More efforts are required to make your dreams come true. Reorganizing your working methods may improve your situations. Some of you may suffer with health ailments. It could be a dental issue. Proceed carefully in money matters. Family members may need your attention, especially women in the family. Unless students are not clear with their vision it is not possible for them to achieve desired results. 

Aquarius (23rd Jan- 22nd Feb): Don’t let good opportunities to go out of your hand. Your hard work will yield good results and also gain confidence. Children related issues may need little patience.  Unmarried may have to wait for some more time to get desired match. You are likely to change your long-term plans. Some issues may need to think in a broader way to find solutions. Good time to resolve old issues. Move into groups of people that hold influence in society. Women may buy house hold article. 

Pisces (23rd Feb – 20th Mar): Pending issues may need little attention to get solved. Independent entrepreneurs may get good deals, however it takes some more time to come out from past issues. Hectic work schedule is predicted for the people working in technical fields. Moral support from friends and family members may boost your confidence and fills your mind with new spirits. Responsibilities may increase at this junctures. Spiritual thoughts will occupy your mind. You are advised to stay away from financial schemes and speculative businesses. 

Vakkantham Chandra Mouli 



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