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Arnab, A Replica Of RGV!

Everybody knows how maverick Telugu and Hindi film maker Ram Gopal Varma is. He made it clear a number of times in the past that he would make films as per his own wishes and it does not matter to him whether people would watch them or not.

“Those who want to watch my films will watch. I don’t beg the audiences to watch my films,” he said in the past.

There is a similar Ram Gopal Varma in media industry, too. He is none other than Arnab Goswamy, who considers himself a god’s gift to journalism.

When he was reigning supreme in Times Now television channel, he used to shout down the participants in his debate “News Hour” when people did not agree with him.

He declared himself as true nationalist and never tried to hide his pro-Hindutva stand.

“There may be many people who don’t agree with me; that is fine. I too don’t agree with their stand,” Arnab said after he quit Times Now and launched his own channel Republic with the help of BJP.

Arnab, who has started off in Republic from where he left the Times Now channel in attacking the anti-BJP forces, suddenly turned his ire towards power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan, who kicked up north-south divide issue while opposing the appointment of non-Telugu IAS officer A K Singhal as the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams executive officer.

Arnab tweeted on Thursday: “Stupid act by @PawanKalyan ... u r d only actor not good citizen!! Shame on you... u diving ppl for personal gain!!”

Well, Arnab has no business to make such a comment, after Pawan gave a lengthy clarification. May not be in case of Singhal, many people feel that there is a truth in Pawan’s allegation of north Indians’ domination on South. And that was proved with Arnab’s comments!



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