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AP Needs 24,300 crore, BJP Gave 350!

AP Needs 24,300 crore, BJP Gave 350!

Claiming that the Delhi polls are a referendum on Modi’s governance, Andhra Pradesh Congress President, Raghuveera Reddy accused BJP of leaving AP high and dry after deriving political advantage from the State.

Raghuveera Reddy who is championing a One crore  signature campaign for sake of special package from all over AP districts says that Modi Govt has given only Rs.350 crore as against the eligibility of the state for Rs.24, 300 crore under the AP Reorganization Act.  

"If the UPA-3 was there Sonia Gandhi would have ensured speedy grant of funds by now”, he asserted.

Reddy also accused BJP of shedding crocodile tears now after being a major partner to the bifurcation of the State against the wishes of the people. It is this last statement from Raghuveera that is really baffling.

It is an admission of the fact that the State was divided against the people’s wishes and the BJP was partner to it. But who was the major culprit? Congress! All these problems for AP wouldn’t have been there in the first place but for Congress!

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