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AP Minister Getting Settled With "Settlements"

AP Minister Getting Settled With

A rumor is heard that a Minister from Godavari districts is getting settled financially in a big way. No one knows when the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will reshuffle and remove the Ministers.

At least to earn within the given time, Jagan is not giving any scope to swindle the government money. The funds are also not being released regularly to various portfolios. 

This leader who is branded as a soft person and gained good will among the public is not aiming at misuse of public money. He is earning on land settlements with a principle.

He needs to be given the complete amount much before the settlement. Even if some part is not paid in advance, the settlement never happens.

But when the payment is done in full, the settlement will be completed without any doubt. The district media also started calling him the Minister of Settlements.

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