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Any Takers For Pawan's Membership Drive?

Any Takers For Pawan's Membership Drive?

Though there are still 15 months to go for the general elections in Andhra Pradesh, the election atmosphere is gradually building up in the state.

Major political parties – the Telugu Desam Party and the YSR Congress party have already commenced the exercise of strengthening their party bases right from the grass root level. They have taken up aggressive membership drive in the name of programmes like Intintiki Telugu Desam and YSR Kutumbam, besides planning rallies and padayatras.

And now, power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan has also decided to enter the fray with his membership drive starting from October 2, when he is officially going to start the party activities.

He has engaged a few software engineers who designed software applications to launch the genuine membership drive online. A trial run was launched on Sunday.

Pawan has already picked up the party coordinators and official leaders of Jana Sena and is expected to announce the state committee of the party soon.

But the question is how successful his membership drive would be. Already, both the YSRC and the TDP have claimed to have enrolled nearly two to three crore members. So, there are hardly any people left for enrolment into the Jana Sena as members.

Since all the membership drivers are just bogus -- there were instances in the past in which the TDP has enrolled even YSRC leaders as TDP members, there is no guarantee that even Jana Sena would have such fake members, who get enrolled in more than one party. If Pawan banks on those members, they will simply dump him during elections!



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