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Another Challenge For Naidu!

Another Challenge For Naidu!

It's been a see-saw battle between the Andhra Pradesh government employees in Hyderabad and Chandrababu Naidu.

Following the Revanth Reddy episode, Naidu has been forced to shift base to Vijayawada and he wants the government employees to follow suit. They have made certain conditions, some of them fair and some outrageous and Naidu has agreed to most of them.

The series of negotiations going on has resulted in the employees managing to extend the shifting process till the end of August. But this is by no means the end of the story.

Some sections of employees are now believed to be planning a JAC in Hyderabad to postpone shifting for another ten more months. If that JAC materializes, then Naidu can be in for more trouble. By all accounts, we haven’t heard the last of this shifting drama.

"Naidu is the CM and he and his family can stay in star hotels. What about us common folk? What about our children's education, medical care for the elderly etc?" questioned one employee. Well, that is one side of the equation!



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