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'Andhra news' in Telangana papers irritate KCR, KTR!

'Andhra news' in Telangana papers irritate KCR, KTR!

After KCR, it's the turn of KTR to attack newspapers running from Telangana but highlighting 'Andhra news' in their Telangana editions every day.

During a meeting of Telangana Journalists Association on Thursday,  KTR said he was getting irritated in the morning looking at newspapers which are carrying Andhra news and Andhra leaders photos prominently every day in Telangana editions.

KTR also said he is getting confused looking at TS newspapers whether he was staying in Andhra or Telangana.

TRS chief and CM K Chandrasekhar Rao, while addressing a press conference at Pragathi Bhavan on the day when TRS swept Assembly polls with a thumping majority on December 11, also expressed severe anger at the TS newspapers highlighting Andhra news every day.

KTR too seems to be adopting the same path shown by his father on this issue.

KTR went a step ahead and threatened managements of newspapers of dire consequences, if they fail to mend their ways.

KTR even went to the extent of warning newspapers which highlight Andhra news in their Telangana editions that TRS government will stop issuing advertisements to such newspapers.

KTR questioned why newspapers were not highlighting Telangana news in their AP editions and said this shows that Andhra newspaper managements were unable to digest or recognise the formation of Telangana State or Telangana's self respect and self identity even after five years.



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