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Andhra Jyothy Government? Not So Surprising!

Andhra Jyothy Government? Not So Surprising!

A press release issued by the Andhra Pradesh endowments department on Tuesday came as a shock to the media in the state.

According to a report that appeared in Sakshi, the press note was about conduct of examinations for those who had undergone training in various types of Vedic rituals under State Archaka Training Academy and it called for applications from eligible candidates for taking part in the examination.

So far so good. But the press note came in the name of Department of Endowments, “Andhra Jyothy” government, instead of “Andhra Pradesh” government. This has shocked many as to how the officials could goof up so glaringly.

According to the report, inquiries revealed that the press note was routed through a PR agency to the media.

It is not known whether the press note was prepared by the PR agency or the department. The media report quoting district public relations officer in Kadapa said it was released from the head office in Amaravati.

In any case, there is nothing much to be surprised in calling Andhra Pradesh government as Andhra Jyothy government.

Reason is very simple: Andhra Jyothy is nothing but an unofficial advisor for AP government headed by Telugu Desam Party chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Everybody knows the daily is a mouthpiece of Naidu. So, there is no surprise if the officials mistake Andhra Jyothy for AP!



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