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Ali, Posani unhappy with their posts?

Ali, Posani unhappy with their posts?

Popular Tollywood comedian Ali and villain-cum-character actor Posani Krishna Murali have been die hard fans of YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

They are ready to anything for the boss and display their loyalty to the party. Though Ali is not very outspoken when it comes to criticising the opposition leaders, Posani doesn’t hesitate to attack the political rivals with pungent comments that sometimes cross the levels of decency.

Yet, both Ali and Posani are said to be unhappy with the posts they were given by the chief minister as a recognition to their loyalty to the party. While Ali was made the advisor to the government on electronic media affairs in October 2022, Posani was made the chairman of AP State Film, Television and Theatre Development Corporation.

It has been nearly nine months since they assumed charges, but both do not have any work to do, let alone an opportunity to make some quick money. They feel these posts are just ornamental, without any concrete work to do.

At least Posani has now been given the task of selecting the winners for Nandi film and television awards, but Ali has virtually no work. He doesn’t know what advise he can give to the government on electronic media affairs, as Jagan hardly gives any time to him.

In fact, soon after assuming the charge as advisor, Ali gave up his popular programme in ETV channel for which he was getting a hefty remuneration, hoping that he would get a chance to make some good money in the government post.

But he realised that there is nothing he can do in the new post. Apparently, he brought it to the notice of the chief minister, who had asked the I&PR department boss to assign some task to the comedian. 

But the officials threw up their hands, as they, too, have no clue what they can assign to the advisor of the government. After all, no official will be willing to share his or her powers with a new person.

Having no work to do, Ali returned to do ETV again and started another show, but it did not work out as it failed to fetch any TRP for the channel. So, he is neither here nor there. Because of his political connections, he has not been able to get any roles in the films as well.

So, Ali is upset and so is Posani, who is also not getting much work to do. Maybe, they will become active if they are given any party tickets to contest the assembly elections!


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