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AJ plan to run down Jagan wife backfires

AJ plan to run down Jagan wife backfires

The front page story published by Andhra Jyothy daily pointing out the so-called faux pas by Y S Bharati, wife of YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, in tweeting a wrong picture has kicked up a controversy in the media circles.

The tweet shows a picture of a person drinking water from an agriculture pump in the lush green fields of Kurnool district with a comment: “Picture speaks more than anything.”

The person in the picture resembles Jagan and Andhra Jyothy thought Bharati was referring to Jagan’s simplicity of consuming water in an agricultural field.

Soon after the picture was posted, the TDP social media friends retorted saying the picture really spoke more than anything, as it only showed the fields of Rayalaseema were lush green with crops and full flow of water, during the Chandrababu Naidu regime.

On inquiry, it turned out to be the picture of Sakshi daily’s Nandyal reporter Pradeep, who from a side angle looked like Jagan. And he also tweeted feeling elated for his picture being used by Bharati.

By publishing Bharati’s tweet with picture on the front page, Andhra Jyothy management thought of ridiculing her faux pas. But it has actually boomeranged on him.

First of all, Bharati has clarified that it was not her official twitter account and somebody might be operating it in her name. So, she disowned the tweet.

Secondly, even if one were to assume that the twitter account really belonged to her, nowhere in the tweet did Bharati say the man in the picture was Jagan.

She might only be referring to lack of drinking water facilities in the villages and people are forcing to drink water from agriculture pump. So, why did Andhra Jyothy assume the person in the picture as Jagan and attribute it to Bharati?

It only exposed the faux pas of AJ managing director V Radhakrishna!

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