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ABN Avoids Balakrishna With Over-Intelligence

ABN Avoids Balakrishna With Over-Intelligence

ABN media appears to downplay the significance of Balakrishna, particularly following the arrests of Chandrababu Naidu.

It's worth noting that this media outlet reported on Pawan's meeting with Naidu but omitted any mention of Balakrishna.

There is speculation that ABN Radhakrishna may be concerned that elevating Balakrishna too much could lead to a shift in the party's focus from Nara to Nandamuri. Many observers find this excessive caution amusing.

Some individuals suggest that ABN may believe it has exclusive control over news coverage and that by omitting certain details, they can keep the public uninformed.

However, it's essential to remember that ABN, like any other media outlet, likely reaches only a small fraction of the population, perhaps 1-2% of those who consume news.

Furthermore, in this age of social media, information spreads rapidly and extensively. Thus, it is increasingly challenging for anyone, including media houses, to conceal information in today's digital age.


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