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A Black Day For The Andhras: Opinion

A Black Day For The Andhras: Opinion

June 28 will go down as another black day in the history of the Andhras for Telanganite KCR will be visiting Vijayawada and presenting a nose stud to the Mother Goddess.

For what? He had vowed to present her with one if Telangana became a reality (if he became CM). If Telangana wanted to become separate, fine!

There is no problem with that but it should have been a division based on respect and equitable distribution of assets. But no such thing happened.

For the better part of more than a decade, this fellow Chandrasekhar Rao used the worst possible language against the Andhras and always put the Andhras in Hyderabad under a constant unspoken threat of intimidation and violence.

Of course, had the Telanganites resorted to violence, they would have made a serious mistake in terms of underestimating the Andhras.

Today, providing an official reception to Chandrasekhar Rao to redeem his vow, a vow that hurts the pride of the Andhras, is a really shameful day for the descendants of the Satakarnis.

While it is understandable for the people of the two Telugu states to have normal relations with each other, inviting people like KCR to the State and marriage receptions is shameful.

Have they Andhras forgotten how Jayaprakash Narayan was assaulted by the TRS ruffinas in the Assembly, the attack on Parakala Prabhakar, the way OU students manhandled our Andhra proessors who had gone to Hyerabad for invigilation?

The TDP should also be ashamed of itself for putting up flexis of KCR whenever he is visiting AP.



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