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3 TDP Family Members To Join BJP And Janasena?

3 TDP Family Members To Join BJP And Janasena?

This is the grapevine that has been spreading wild in the social media. A talented young politician, his uncle and sister are representing TDP and have been in respective positions in legislature. 

But owing to the worst phase their party is facing and not being able to see any light at the end of the tunnel, they are planning to jump to other parties of their interest. It is also said that they are waiting to see the result of the Tirupati by-election. 

It is needless to say that YSRCP is going to win the Tirupati Lok Sabha seat. But if the TDP gets a poor voting percentage then these family members make it official about their resignation from the TDP. 

It is known that YSRCP never allows any politician into their party without making him resign from his position won through another party. 

But BJP and Janasena have no such sentiments. They accept anyone into their party as long they don't have any suspicion on the candidate. 

So, sources say that the young politician and his sister may join the BJP while the uncle may step into Janasena. The uncle, being a senior politician, expects respect in the party. If he joins BJP, then the already existing senior leaders may hinder his growth. So, he is thinking of joining Janasena if Pawan Kalyan and Nadendla Manohar accept him with respect. 

Only time should tell if this is true or a mere hearsay.

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