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Y S Jagan: A Leader Transforming like A Manager?

Y S Jagan: A Leader Transforming like A Manager?

A leader inspires- A manager chases ..

A leader ignites- A manager shows the stick

A leader joins his team- A manager sits in his cabin 

A leader shows his heart- A manager shows his power 

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh reprimanded the collectors, joint collectors and other officers pointing out that only 67% of the inspections were done so far which is a poor performance. He also stressed that CMO is going to issue memos to them. 

He said "We can rectify something when we find some problem. What if we don't even do an inspection? You should question if you are doing justice to your job. First of all we are human beings. We need to give humanitarian touch".

Well, this is a perfect lecture. But what has YS Jagan been doing? Isn't he staying at home and directing his staff? If that is what he is expecting to do, then he is like any other CM.

It is known that Jagan walked thousands of miles until he obtained power. But after enthroning the chair of CM he has been in relaxed mode.

It is high time that he needs to come out of his office and meet the people regularly covering all corners of the state. Only then will the system and staff also be on their toes. Without doing that, if he wishes to show the stick like a manager, then there will be no difference between him and Chandrababu.

Jagan should bring out the leader in him again and motivate the officers around. If the government officers get perturbed with the managerial approach of the CM, then one day either they show non cooperation or may revolt which proves to be a costly mistake.

Hope YS Jagan Mohan Reddy takes this criticism in a positive spirit and attempts to do something inspiring.

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