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Why Were You Silent In Hyderabad?

Why Were You Silent In Hyderabad?

"They (TRS) are claiming that Bhadrachalam is being inundated………Bhadrachalam belongs to us. Give it back to us,” said Chandrababu Naidu at the election meeting in Rajamahendravaram on Friday.

While Pawan Kalyan says that voting for the YSRCP is akin to voting for TRS, Chandrababu appealed to the Muslim community and said that voting for Jagan is the same as voting for the BJP. 

Ironically, till recently, it was the same TDP which had referred to the YSRCP as ‘Pilla Congress’. Chandrababu Naidu also accused Prime Minister Modi of trying to divide Muslim households with the ‘Triple Talaq’ issue.

Chandrababu Naidu’s cunning plan is again blatantly obvious. By raking up the issue of Bhadrachalam, he is provoking the TRS and hopes that he can cash in on the TRS reaction by linking it to YS Jagan.

If Bhadrachalam really deserves to be part of Andhra Pradesh, then there is a due process for initiating the proceedings.

When he campaigned for the Assembly elections in Telangana recently, why did Chandrababu not raise this issue then?

As usual, Chandrababu is following the ‘two-eye’ policy which may benefit him but never the people.

During the T-agitation, did Chandrababu even once give a categorical or confusion-free statement on whether he was for or against the creation of Telangana? Never!

In fact, he shot off a letter to the Centre declaring his support for Telangana thinking the Centre would not grant it anyway and because he was Opposition leader, he would not be held accountable anyway.

Unfortunately for him, his plan backfired miserably and Sonia Gandhi outsmarted him completely by declaring Telangana using his letter as a pretext. But YS Jagan resorted to no such tricks.

The son of YS Rajasekhar Reddy in his capacity as an MP held up a placard in Parliament asking that Andhra Pradesh should not be bifurcated.

Realising that the son of Rajanna would be a major stumbling block to her plan to weaken Andhra Pradesh’s clout at the national level, Sonia Gandhi did the unthinkable: she joined hands with Chandrababu Naidu and had Jagan imprisoned on trumped up charges.

The Constitution was thrown to the winds and Jagan who was supposed to get bail in 3 months was kept away from the people for 16 months.

What a way to treat the family of YSR who had worked incessantly day and night and single-handedly brought the Congress back to power in Andhra Pradesh.

As for the triple Talaq issue, it is ridiculous to hear Chandrababu passing judgement on it. The issue is best left to the Muslim sisters themselves and they will certainly express their opinion through the ballot.

Is this not the same Chandrababu who praised demonetisation, took credit for it, acted as the Chairman of the Demonetisation council and later criticized the BJP harshly for having implemented it? Such people clearly do not have the integrity or intellect to be speaking on such important issues.

The people of Telangana have seen through his charade completely and decimated his Party there. It is time for their Andhra brethren to follow suit and relieve the State from its misery.

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