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Why nobody should question Pawan?

Why nobody should question Pawan?

A true leader should be more democratic, listen to views of the people around him, especially his well-wishers and accommodate their views, if he finds them positive, while formulating his political action plan.

If the leader takes unilateral decisions and tries to thrust them on his followers, he will only be autocratic and he can never succeed.

“Listen to everyone, take your own decision” is the quality of a leader.

Even the big national parties like the Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party or for that matter the Telugu Desam Party and YSR Congress party follow this formula.

While the Congress party has a working committee, the BJP has an advisory council.

Similarly, the TDP and YSRC have their own politburos and political advisory committees to take crucial decisions, though they are headed by strong leaders.

This simple logic seems to be missing in the thinking of Jana Sena Party headed by Pawan Kalyan.

It was evident from the advice given by his elder brother and party leader Naga Babu to the party workers at a meeting in Rajahmundry the other day.

Naga Babu told the party workers not to question Pawan Kalyan on anything.

“Don’t give him any suggestions or advices to do like this or that. Even I don’t give him any such advices. I only ask him what I should do in the party and do not question his decisions,” he said.

He further said a true political worker should not question the party president’s decisions.

“Because, Pawan is a visionary and he knows much more than any of us on what to do and what not. You may not like a decision taken by him, but only Pawan knows the long-term implications of the decision. So, don’t question Pawan,” he said.

The election results have clearly shown how Pawan had faltered in taking right decisions. Had he taken right advices from seniors at right time, he could have got a few more MLA seats, if not come to power.

“Now, he should be held responsible for his own decisions. At least in future, Pawan should learn to listen to the people, before formulating his own strategies,” an analyst observed.

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