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Why Isn't Chiranjeevi Following Rules?

Why Isn't Chiranjeevi Following Rules?

Hyderabad: Chiranjeevi is still affiliated with the Congress party and has not resigned from his membership. However, he is actively endorsing candidates from the Alliance (BJP+TDP+Jana Sena) and encouraging voters to support them.

CM Ramesh is contesting from the Anakapalli Lok Sabha constituency on behalf of the BJP, while Panchakarla Ramesh Babu is contesting from the Pendurthi MLA Constituency representing the Jana Sena Party.

Chiranjeevi recently invited both candidates to his house and released a video endorsing them, emphasizing the need for leaders like them for the state's development.

Some question why Chiranjeevi has not followed the basic rule of resigning from the Congress before endorsing candidates from another party.

Many speculate whether this is due to arrogance or ignorance. Moreover, critics argue that throughout his political career in Congress, Chiranjeevi focused solely on issues related to the film industry, such as advocating for the hike of film ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh.

They claim that he has not taken significant actions in the interest of the general public beyond his personal pursuits, such as establishing an Eye Bank, Blood Bank, and engaging in charity during the Covid pandemic.

What has he done as a Congress leader and a politician, in general, is zero.

Now there are trolls making rounds that Chiranjeevi appealed to the public to vote for Ashwini Dutt in 2004 but he lost miserably with 2 lakh vote difference.

Recently, he publicly donated Rs 5 Cr to his brother Pawan Kalyan and extended birthday wishes to Chandrababu Naidu after four years of silence.

Despite these efforts, Chiranjeevi's endorsements often lead to diminished chances of victory for the candidates, as evidenced by past instances.

Some attribute this to an unfavorable aura surrounding his endorsement, while others criticize his demeanor and perceived artificiality when appealing to voters.


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