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Who Needs Rabies Vaccine? Perni or Pawan?

Who Needs Rabies Vaccine? Perni or Pawan?

The controversy over the Andhra Pradesh government’s denial of permission to Pawan Kalyan-starrer Vakeel Saab for additional shows and enhanced ticket rates in theatres for the first three days kicked up a row between Jana Sena and the YSR Congress party.

Though the single-judge bench of the state high court permitted the distributors of Vakeel Saab to enhance the ticket rates and conduct benefit shows for the film, the Jagan government moved the division bench and got the order of single judge bench quashed. The distributors are now approaching the court again for the ticket fare hike.

The stubborn attitude of the Jagan government and state minister for information and public relations Perni Nani defending the decision triggered an angry war between him and Pawan Kalyan’s brother and actor Naga Babu in the social media.

“What happened to you, Mr Nani? It appears you should get vaccinated not only for Coronavirus but also for Rabies (virus that attacks due to the bite of mad dog). It’s urgent. Please send Rabies vaccine to Mr Nani, state transport minister. Those who want to donate the vaccine will get the free transport facility, if they tell the minister’s name,” tweeted Naga Babu.

The minister gave a strong retort to Naga Babu and even dragged the name of Pawan Kalyan into the twitter war.

“Paropakaari Papanna @NagaBabuOffl garu, more than people like Perni Nani who have been moving outside freely, it is urgent to give Rabies vaccine to Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan who is moving within your house. So, urgently go in search of him and get him vaccinated with Rabies vaccine,” Perni tweeted.

He further added: “If you delay, you may also have to take Rabies vaccine. If both you brothers are cured, if necessary, it can be given to others.”

Both the tweets have gone viral, exposing the ugly spar between the leaders of the two parties.


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