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Watch: YSRCP MP Calls Raghurama Raju A Pig

Watch: YSRCP MP Calls Raghurama Raju A Pig

Margani Bharat, the MP from Rajahmundry blasted Raghu Rama Raju today in a press meet.

It is known that Raju targeted Margani Bharat from quite long time and regularly criticizing him in his press meets.

He also had gone to the extent of insulting him in a derogatory way referring to his parents.

To this Margani Bharat responded, "I tell about that buffoon named Raghu Rama Raju now. He called me an EC (Eka Chitranatudu). He also called me with expressions like 'orai' and 'era'. I thought of giving respect to his age.

He also called me a junior artiste and also crossed the limits by using the line 'nee amma mogudu'. Raghu Rama Raju! You look like a pig with heavy size and hefty back. Your style of dressing is also dramatic.

Do you think you have six pack body? Your transparent dresses are disgusting. I know what you did in Film Nagar. It will not take time to expose you. If I am EC according to you, you are an NC".

Well, everybody understood what he said in this press meet except the meaning of the term NC.

He used that term assuming that everybody knows what he means but many didn't understand. What 'NC' means is a question now for many.

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