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Vundavalli: 'My Only Disappointment With Ramoji'

Vundavalli: 'My Only Disappointment With Ramoji'

Former MP Vundavalli Arunkumar expressed deep shock over the death of media giant Ramoji Rao.

Known for his relentless campaign against Margadarsi and Ramoji Rao, Vundavalli Arunkumar began exposing the misdeeds of Margadarsi Finance during the tenure of the late Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR). Despite YSR's passing, Vundavalli continues to fight a legal battle against Ramoji Rao alone.

In this context, Vundavalli reacted strongly to the news of Ramoji's death.

Speaking to the media, he said that the news of Ramoji Rao's death saddened him. He remarked that according to the Bhagavad Gita, just as one discards old clothes to wear new ones, so too is the cycle of life and death.

Vundavalli acknowledged that Ramoji led a complete life and died as a fighter who never compromised with anyone. He mentioned that he had tried many times to meet Ramoji Rao but was unsuccessful, describing it as the only disappointment in his life.

He also noted that Ramoji became a celebrity in every field he entered and said he had never seen anyone as influential as Ramoji Rao in India.

Vundavalli expressed his deepest condolences to Ramoji Rao's family.


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