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Volunteers Not Falling For Rs 10,000 Lure!

Volunteers Not Falling For Rs 10,000 Lure!

Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy introduced the village secretariat system to bring the government directly to the people.

Upon the establishment of the Jagan government, 1.25 lakh regular employees were hired, significantly improving their lives.

Additionally, volunteers were enlisted to serve as a link between the secretariat system and its employees, with one volunteer appointed for every 50 families.

Chandrababu Naidu criticized this volunteer system, alleging misconduct towards women and also mocking them as coolies.

Pawan Kalyan's remarks escalated the situation when he said that volunteers are involved in women trafficking and sold out 30,000 women in the state.

He spoke some nonsense by stating that the central Home Ministry officials shared this information with him secretly.

After all this, it appears that TDP and Jana Sena leaders fear the influence of volunteers, particularly in elections.

In response, a salary increase to Rs.10,000 per month was announced on Ugadi Day, hoping to sway volunteers towards the alliance. However, many volunteers have resigned and are now actively supporting YCP.

Despite the promised salary increase, volunteers are campaigning for YCP, emphasizing their direct contributions to the government's welfare schemes and the importance of re-electing the Jagan government.

They are sensitizing people stating that they need to re-elect YCP to get the services at doorstep.

Thus, the field-level situation indicates that Chandrababu's promised increase in volunteers' salaries has little impact compared to the grassroots support for YCP.


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