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Vanga Geetha predicts 90k votes for Pawan!

Vanga Geetha predicts 90k votes for Pawan!

YSR Congress Party leader and candidate for the Pithapuram assembly constituency, Vanga Geetha, has been making strange comments ever since the polling was held on May 13.

Though ground reports indicate that the fight in Pithapuram was very tough and the result could swing either way, Geetha has started speaking positively in favor of Pawan Kalyan and the Mega family.

A couple of days ago, she said she was a great fan of “elder brother” Chiranjeevi and has all respect for the Mega family, including Pawan Kalyan.

“I never uttered a word against Pawan Kalyan during my election campaign, nor did I allow my party leaders to speak negatively about him,” she said.

On Tuesday, another video of Vanga Geetha’s comments surfaced on social media platforms.

She described Pawan Kalyan as a celebrity politician and mentioned that many people, including film stars, had come to Pithapuram to campaign for him. She predicted that Pawan Kalyan might get 80,000 to 90,000 votes in the elections.

Immediately, Jana Sena Party supporters and Pawan Kalyan fans started commenting on social media, saying that when Vanga Geetha herself admitted that the power star would get a majority of 90,000 votes, the YSRCP leaders should shut their mouths and close their shop.

However, YSRCP followers say Geetha only said Pawan Kalyan would get 90,000 votes, but not a majority. They asserted that the power star is bound to face defeat in the elections.

There is also a suspicion that the video with purported comments from Vanga Geetha could have been a deep fake, fabricated by Jana Sainiks.

In these days of fake video culture, it is very difficult to distinguish what is real and what is fake!


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