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'Twitter' Lokesh to skip Budget session to avoid Jagan!

'Twitter' Lokesh to skip Budget session to avoid Jagan!

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu's son and MLC Nara Lokesh, is learnt to have decided to skip Budget session to avoid face-to-face interaction with AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Lokesh has been lashing out at the YSRCP government and YS Jagan through his tweets on Twitter every day finding fault with every decision or everything being done by Jagan, since he became CM.

Lokesh is throwing satires on Jagan by referring to "Edena Rajanna Rajyam" (Is this Rajanna Rajyam that Jagan wanted to bring in AP) on Twitter every day referring to attacks on TDP leaders and activists, failure to provide seeds to farmers, power cuts etc.

In reality, Lokesh is famous for his funny slip-of-the-tongue one liners while giving speeches and often gets trolled in social media for his bloopers. But on Twitter, Lokesh tweets are sharp, highly critical and straight to the point.

This contradiction between his original speeches and Tweets gives scope for criticism that it's not Lokesh who makes such hard-hitting tweets but he engaged few experts to make tweets on his behalf.

Lokesh's decision to skip Budget session in Legislative Council has lent credence to this criticism.

This is because in Council, Lokesh cannot tweet, he has to give direct speech to criticise Jagan and everyone knows what happens if Lokesh opens his mouth.

Instead of pinching Jagan with his criticism, Lokesh's speech will evoke fun in the Council and to avoid this embarrassing situation, Lokesh wants to skip the Council at least when Jagan is inside the House.

Normally, any CM spends very little time in Legislative Council as they give preference to Legislative Assembly.

Lokesh is learnt to have decided to present in the House, if at all if he wants to, if Jagan is not in the seat else skip the session till Jagan is present.

In this way, Lokesh wants to avoid an embarrassing situation in the Council.



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