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TDP Targets YCP Leaders with Jail Threats

TDP Targets YCP Leaders with Jail Threats

The ruling TDP is strategically moving forward to send former Chief Minister and YCP leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy, along with MPs Mithun Reddy, Vijaysai Reddy and others to jail under any circumstances.

The Chandrababu government has chosen liquor policy as a reason to implicate the leaders of the previous government in various cases. The TDP government is making all arrangements to identify loopholes in the YCP's policies and use them to file cases.

It is known that TDP, Jana Sena and BJP leaders have been alleging a liquor scam in AP that is bigger than the Delhi liquor scam. AP BJP President Daggubati Purandeshwari had complained to the Center before the elections, urging an investigation into the alleged AP liquor scam by the ED and CBI.

Now that the alliance is in power, there is enthusiasm for registering cases. Since Chandrababu was jailed in the skill scam and many former ministers were also jailed during the YCP regime, TDP leaders are determined to take revenge this time.

That is why the government is focused on corruption during the YCP regime. TDP leaders say there is no hesitation in sending Jagan and other key YCP leaders to jail.

A case has been registered against Vasudeva Reddy, the head of the relevant department, in the AP liquor scam. His house was also searched. He sought anticipatory bail from the High Court but was unsuccessful.

The government leaders are planning to jail the main YCP leaders within the first two or three years. They fear that sending Jagan and other YCP leaders to jail later might generate sympathy for them, so the government is eager to act now.

The necessary files are being moved accordingly. The strength of these cases and whether Jagan and other YCP leaders will escape arrest remain to be seen.


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