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TDP Supporters Praying For Modi's Defeat

TDP Supporters Praying For Modi's Defeat

TDP supporters are praying for Chandrababu's victory in AP and Modi's defeat at the Center. 

They are making merry at Modi's statement against Muslims in Rajasthan meeting, assuming that it would lead to his defeat as Muslims and neutral voters get affected by this. 

In the first place, Muslim voters seldom align with BJP naturally. How can BJP lose their votes when they are not their primary vote bank? 

Keeping the logic in their opinion aside, the majority of TDP sympathizers are openly celebrating if someone is criticizing Modi on social media on something. 

The irony is that BJP is in alliance with TDP which has this kind of people around. 

The TDP sympathizers hated Modi all the time when Modi avoided Chandrababu Naidu from giving an appointment to meet despite the latter trying many times. But they changed their mind after the official alliance and stopped hating until the "Prajagalam" event where Modi came to address the public. 

After Modi's speech, the TDP supporters started hating him again as he didn't speak against Jagan Mohan Reddy up to their expectations. 

They are always suspicious that Modi is still sympathetic towards Jagan Mohan Reddy and his association in the alliance ends up as a catastrophe finally. 

So, with all this illusion, the TDP sympathizers are praying for Narendra Modi's downfall in politics and wish to see Rahul Gandhi as PM. At the same time, they pray for Chandrababu's win against Jagan Mohan Reddy in AP. 

The TDP fanatics are propagating that BJP cannot win a single MP seat in the entire South and would lose more than 100 in the North. Many of TDP sympathizers are wishing to see a colossal defeat of BJP. 

At the same time, they are also predicting the alliance of BJP, TDP, and Janasena would win 20 out of 25 MP seats in AP with a synergic effect. 

What they are thinking and what kind of conclusions they are drawing are emotion-driven out of desperation, weak in logic and incredibly unimaginable.


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