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Sudheer Babu Shines As An Action Hero

Sudheer Babu Shines As An Action Hero

Sudheer Babu, probably the fittest actor in Tollywood, has always had the potential to be an action star.

The audiences have already seen glimpses of his presence as an action hero in films like Baaghi and V-The Film. However, it’s Harom Hara, the actor’s recent outing that unearthed his true potential.

This action drama had some of the best-choreographed fight sequences in recent times.

It’s not just about how the sequences were designed but how Sudheer Babu has looked so comfortable, convincing, and frighteningly good in those episodes.

What the cine-goers call as “elevations”, the film had them in plenty. What needs to be talked about is the engagement and acceptance from the audience for the high-mass moments the film offered.

The actor achieved the same believability that we think is only reserved for the giant Superstars of the industry.

It’s a safe bet to say Sudheer Babu has got the screen presence. He can contribute so much to the big-ticket scripts.

It’s up to the filmmakers, even star directors to pen something for the actor and explore his potential further.

There is a clear vacuum in the industry for a “Bonafide action hero” and Sudheer Babu has all the ingredients to create that unique identity for himself.

Given his muscular presence, a skillset that contains martial arts, and much more, it shouldn’t surprise anybody.


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