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Somu Veerraju's 'Mission Cleanup'

Somu Veerraju's 'Mission Cleanup'

The new president of Andhra Pradesh BJP Somu Veerraju is hitting the news headlines with his different approach.

Unlike his predecessor Kanna Lakshminarayana, he appears to be aggressive when he is making decisions. There is talk in the political circles that he has initiated a mission to clean up the party.

Since the last general elections, particular community leaders have migrated into BJP in large numbers from TDP. Not only the first rung leaders but several second rung leaders from a party joined BJP.

The leadership of BJP is doubtful that the majority of these leaders are acting as undercover agents, sleeper cells, coverts to the opposition party. Even after joining the BJP, they are showing loyalty to the TDP rather than BJP.

Somu Veerraju is seriously focusing on such leaders who are betraying the party. Though it is not explicit, he is reportedly focusing more on certain community leaders who are known for showing loyalty to TDP irrespective of which party they are in. He is finding them suspended from the party when he finds any small evidence of anti-BJP activities.

Already OV Ramana, who wrote an article against BJP is suspended. He is identified as the one who is working in the interest of creating rift between YCP and BJP intentionally. 

Recently, a BJP leader named Velagapudi Gopalakrishna went to Amaravati and resorted to so much hungama by hitting himself with his chappal and 'repenting' for the fate of Amaravati.  This incident irked the BJP-AP head and he was immediately suspended from the party as his act without the permission of high command conveys the wrong message. 

Somu Veerraju team is on high alert with the covert operations of these local leaders. These local leaders are forgetting that they have joined a party led by shrewd politicians like Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

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