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'Siddham' Vs 'Prajagalam': A Comparison

'Siddham' Vs 'Prajagalam': A Comparison

The TDP, Jana Sena, BJP alliance's Prajagalam meeting paled in comparison to the YCP's 'Siddham' meetings.

TDP and Jana Sena held a joint meeting in Tadepalligudem last month. There is no need to recount how bad the meeting was. 

After finalizing the alliance with BJP, they planned a huge gathering named Prajagalam in Chilakaluripet of combined Guntur district for the first time.

In fact the people attended the meeting in thousands but not in tune with what turnout was seen in Siddham meetings of YSRCP.

It is being expressed that the number of attendees at the alliance meeting was not even 25 percent of Siddham meetings. 

Moreover, the Jagan government did not hinder this alliance meeting. The RTC did not face any obstacles in providing buses to the people as it was attended by Prime Minister Modi.

However it is noteworthy that the turnout for the three parties put together was not as expected. Compared to the attendees at the YCP 'Siddham' meetings, the number of attendees at the alliance meeting was limited. 

The first YCP 'Siddham' meeting was held in Uttarandhra. It was a huge success with shocking number of people. This meeting ignited a new enthusiasm in YCP. From then on, until the fourth phase of the meeting in Palnadu, each one became super successful.

As a result, TDP and Jana Sena could not counter the fact that people were flocking to YCP meetings.

Consequently, the yellow media attempted to show that people did not attend those meetings suggesting that everything is merely a graphic illusion. These meetings have generated a lot of excitement within the YCP.

It is disappointing that the total attendees of the Prajagalam meeting from all three parties is not even 1 lakh. 

Among the attendees TDP flags were seen in majority while Jana Sena and BJP flags are scarcely visible. However, it is a fact that people did not attend the alliance with the expected enthusiasm.

PS: Those who mocked the 'Siddham' meetings, claiming they were conducted on green mats for later editing and adding graphics, must now acknowledge that 'Prajagalam' was also held on a green mat.


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