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Show Where Corruption Is, Sai Reddy Asks Shah

Show Where Corruption Is, Sai Reddy Asks Shah

YSR Congress general secretary and MP, V Vijaya Sai Reddy, questioned Union Home Minister Amit Shah's claims of corruption in Andhra Pradesh during a speech on Tuesday.

Sai Reddy addressed the party's office-bearers and activists at the party central office in Tadepalli, referring to the corruption allegations made by Amit Shah in Visakhapatnam on Sunday and by J P Nadda in Srikalahasti.

He pointed out that while the Union Minister made broad accusations against the government, he failed to provide any specific charges.

Sai Reddy challenged Amit Shah to present evidence of widespread corruption in the state and questioned why the Union Minister made such allegations without citing a single incident.

Sai Reddy also questioned whether Amit Shah had fallen into the trap set by TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, who often makes similar allegations against the government.

He criticized the need for Amit Shah or other BJP leaders to be influenced by Chandrababu Naidu's tactics.

Furthermore, Sai Reddy alleged that Chandrababu Naidu had placed his own associates within the BJP, who were misguiding the party's leadership.

He claimed that these individuals were making baseless allegations against the YSRC government to benefit the TDP.

Despite the political statements being made by BJP leaders, Sai Reddy expressed his belief that the relationship between the State and the Central government would remain cordial.

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