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Self Written Sad Story Of Chandrababu

Self Written Sad Story Of Chandrababu

Chandrababu Naidu is never known for aggressive politics. He depends on cunning politics.  He always thinks of joining with someone to suppress his rivals, sometimes he joins with his rivals to weaken his own friends. The same thing happened in the last elections.  

He played some cunning games in the last elections in Telangana. KCR became furious with his game. Chandrababu tried to buy a nominated MLA vote and he was caught red-handedly. These developments made him arch-rival to KCR. 

Later, he joined hands with Congress party to defeat KCR in the assembly elections. It is another cunning strategy in Chandrababu Naidu style politics.

From then onwards, his downfall started.  Party has been completely washed out in Telangana. If we talk about AP, he believed in Pawan Kalyan by overestimating him.

According to his calculations, he thought that the anti-incumbency vote will divide if Pawan contests separately.  But everybody came to know about Pawan's real stamina later.  

At the same time, he started criticizing Modi more than required. He must have thought of becoming the Prime Minister then. He extensively campaigned in all the states to defeat Modi.

Now, Modi reportedly has all the evidence of Chandrababu's financial aid to Congress during the elections.

Now, Chandrababu is at the crossroads by fighting with KCR and Modi. He has no base in the state, the party is also in the doldrums. 

Pawan Kalyan is trying to survive with the support of BJP. At this juncture, no one from the family will come to support Chandrababu. 

He has already distanced NTR. He has sidelined him thinking that he may become a competitor to his son in the future. Now, he will not support Chandrababu. Even Chandrababu can't ask him for help. Because Chandrababu Naidu may be thinking of giving the reigns of the party to Lokesh even now. 

It is no surprise at all. But the fact is, no one trusts his caliber!

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