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Ravi Prakash: What's Right And What's Wrong?

Ravi Prakash: What's Right And What's Wrong?

Ravi Prakash, the renowned journalist, was associated with TV9 for many years in the past. However, due to certain circumstances, he had to part ways with TV9. 

Many believed that TV9 would struggle without Ravi Prakash, considering he was the backbone of the channel. Ravi Prakash himself expressed confidence that people would support him during tough times. 

But TV9 continued to thrive and grow stronger without him. People didn't seem to miss him much and continued watching the channel as usual.

This is a reality of life that applies not just to Ravi Prakash but to everyone.

No organization collapses due to the absence of one person, and people tend to forget even their favorite people quite quickly.

Despite Ravi Prakash's ability to engage viewers with his clear articulation, pleasant narration, and comprehensive reporting, he has been relatively inactive in the past five years, appearing less frequently on screen even though he has been involved with RTV, a YouTube channel.

However, recently, with the elections just two weeks away, he resurfaced to provide pre-poll surveys on his YouTube channel.

While he may have his reasons, the numbers he is projecting indicate a pro-TDP sentiment. Although those aligned with YSRCP are ridiculing at the numbers, Ravi Prakash's actions seem justifiable upon closer examination.

Ravi Prakash is aware that Jagan Mohan Reddy hardly acknowledges him. Therefore, saying something to please YSRCP holds little value for him. His loyalty lies with Chandrababu Naidu, and making him and his supporters happy is his best bet at the moment. 

If Chandrababu wins, Ravi Prakash can breathe a sigh of relief and potentially expand his influence. Even if Chandrababu loses, his loyalty to him will remain on record. Therefore, aligning with a leader expected to support and encourage him is a right move.

On another note, there's another version within media circles that TDP approached famous surveyor, to be an influencer in their favor. However, for unknown reasons, he declined the proposal.

Subsequently, TDP approached Ravi Prakash for similar services, leading to his recent appearance presenting surveys favoring TDP on his YouTube channel.

With Lagadapati Rajagopal, who used to release surveys before elections, remaining silent, TDP has pinned their hopes on Ravi Prakash, according to insiders.

Regardless of the above two scenarios, there seems to be nothing inherently wrong from Ravi Prakash's perspective, which needs to be understood from a practical standpoint.

What is right is his duty but what is wrong are the numbers he is projecting in his surveys.


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