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Petrol And Liquor Coupons: Funtime In Pithapuram

Petrol And Liquor Coupons: Funtime In Pithapuram

With the election just two days away, there's been noticeable excitement in the East and West Godavari regions, particularly in Pithapuram.

In recent days, crowds of young people have been gathering in large numbers around Pithapuram.

After some investigation, it was revealed that these youths were being offered petrol coupons, liquor coupons, and lunch, attracting them even from neighboring constituencies to come, enjoy themselves, and pass the time.

Pithapuram has essentially turned into a picnic spot for these young people, who are receiving three enticing freebies in addition to watching TV and film celebrities campaigning in the area.

The youngsters arrive in the morning to collect the coupons, enjoy a good meal in the afternoon, and then head back home in the evening.

This initiative has been particularly promoted by the Janasena candidate to demonstrate the supposed widespread support for his party among voters. However, the reality is that most of these attendees might not even be his actual voters.


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