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People have trust in Jagan, says his strategist

People have trust in Jagan, says his strategist

Director and co-founder of Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) Rishi Raj Singh, who has spearheaded the campaign of YSR Congress party led by chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy in the current elections in Andhra Pradesh, is pretty confident that Jagan will come back to power for sure.

In his interview to a local English daily on Sunday, the 34-year-old IITian, said Jagan’s winning formula is the people’s trust in him.

“The bottom line of this election is trust. Eventually, I believe there is conscience in the society, and their collective decision is always correct,” he said.

Singh said the YSRCP was not unduly worried over the negative campaign unleashed by the opposition parties on the Land Titling Act.

“Lies can be spread quickly, but for people to buy into them, they will have to believe. Truth will always have the selling power,” he said.

The I-PAC director said in terms of leadership, the YSRCP is at a great advantage than the TDP.

“The people wonder how long will TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu be at the helm of affairs and the lack of clarity on a successor. Despite Yuva Galam, Lokesh has not come out as a leader and major parts of the party are not confident of his leadership,” he opines.

Singh says Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan’s biggest mistake is to brand himself a community leader.

“In today’s time, any leader would find it extremely difficult if he brands himself a community leader. Such cannot win even as a legislator. Jana Sena is contesting 13-14 seats while its other candidates are TDP-affiliated,” he observes.

In contrast, Jagan chose the State as his field and people see that he will be there for decades to come while on the other side, there is no clarity, he emphasizes. He wondered whether Jana Sena accept Lokesh’s leadership or the TDP cadre accept Pawan Kalyan.

He refused to comment on Prashant Kishor’s prediction that Jagan is losing big.

“Prashant Kishor has been a mentor. I don’t have anything to say about what he had said,” Rishi added.

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