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Pawan should do full-time politics: JD Lakshminarayana

Pawan should do full-time politics: JD Lakshminarayana

Jana Sena Party chief and popular Tollywood star Pawan Kalyan will succeed only if he does full-time politics.

He has to be actively involved in the people’s activities and educate them on issues on a regular basis.

This was the view expressed by retired IPS officer and former joint director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) V V Laxminarayana, in an interview to a television channel a couple of days ago.

He said he had joined Jana Sena Party in 2019 only because compared to the already existing parties, it was a party with a difference and its political ideology suited his thinking.

“I contested the Lok Sabha elections from Visakhapatnam and won a good percentage of votes,” he explained.

On why he had to quit the Jana Sena later, Laxminarayana said the party ceased to be active after the elections.

“One has to do politics full-time, activate the people on a continuous basis. Jana Sena has nice ideology and has the objective of educating the people to question the wrong doings of the government. But it has to happen continuously and there should not be any gaps. It was not happening and so, I could not adjust there,” he said.

The former CBI joint director also expressed his reservations over the alliance between Jana Sena and the Bharatiya Janata Party.

“Pawan Kalyan might have taken the decision on the alliance after going through all pros and cons. But I feel, a party would lose its liberty to some extent if has an alliance with a bigger party,” he said.

Interestingly, Laxminarayana said before joining Jana Sena Party in 2019, he also got a big offer asking him to join the YSR Congress party.

“A prominent YSRC leader who is presently in the top position in the party gave me an offer to join his party. I also had one-on-one discussions with some important leaders of the party,” he said.

He, however, said he had rejected the offer from YSRC after discussing with many of his friends.

“Majority of them told me that I would not be able to adjust in the party. So, I decided against joining the YSRC,” he said.

Laxminarayana said he was still in active politics and would contest the next assembly elections in AP in 2024.

“Whether I will contest alone or bring some others into fray or will float a new party or join an existing party will be decided in due course of time. It all depends on the change of political equations in the state. I will soon come out with my action plan,” the ex-CBI joint director said.


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