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Pawan Kalyan's Forbidden Word - 'Sahajeevanam'

Pawan Kalyan's Forbidden Word - 'Sahajeevanam'

Some people in public life cannot use some words. Especially, the politicians should be very careful in this matter.

For example Chandrababu Naidu cannot criticise anyone with the word "Vennupotu". Because it backfires and the topic will be totally diverted to his personal history. Similarly Pawan Kalyan or his party cannot use the word "Sahajeevanam". 

Freshly Pawan Kalyan's official handle of @JanaSenaParty has tweeted "Styrene visha vaayuvutho koodaa sahajeevanam cheyyaalaa?"

To this the netizen are giving tight replies and one among them reads- "Emo dora..ee saha jeevanallo neeku unna experience andariki undadu kada...."

This shows how people don't take the complaint seriously with the usage of a forbidden word. 

Another netizen tweeted who ignored the usage of the word but looked into the complaint wrote, "You said that you will do films if Jagan's government functions well. You have started doing films in one year of Jagan's rule. That conveys everything. Keep quiet for a year and then open your mouth again. Why this useless fingering?"

The reply reads- "You should be quick in reacting. Are you sleeping till now? Every issue is solved by the government". 

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