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Pawan Kalyan's Another Nickname 'Baba'

Pawan Kalyan's Another Nickname 'Baba'

Pawan Kalyan is known as the 'Power Star' among his fans and 'Kalyan Babu' to some of his close associates. 

However, for a film director who is close to him, he is referred to as 'Swamy'. Yes, this director addresses Pawan as 'Swamy', perhaps seeing the likeness to Lord Venkateshwara 'Swamy' in him.

On the other hand, for certain lesser-known artists around him, he is affectionately called 'Baba'. It's possible that they perceive qualities of Bhagavan Sai 'Baba' in Pawan Kalyan.

Thus, Pawan Kalyan has acquired several nicknames. His political adversaries refer to him as 'Dattaputrudu' and 'Package Star', which are widely recognized.

While the director, who addresses him as 'Swamy', pleases him by crafting political speeches and impactful lines, the lesser-known artists tag along on Pawan's political tours. 

What they gain from this arrangement remains known only to them, but for the rest of the industry, they risk becoming objects of ridicule.

Of course, everybody has the right to follow whom they are comfortable with! Nothing wrong in that.


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