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Opinion: Big Mistake By YSRCP Leaders

Opinion: Big Mistake By YSRCP Leaders

Tirupathi Lok Sabha election result is declared. The outcome is perfectly in tune with the expectation and the unanimous survey reports. 

But what is not up to the expectation is the over projection of the leaders with regard to the majority.

Leaders competed with each other in giving projections. Kodali Nani said that the YSRCP candidate will with a majority of 5 lakh votes. 

Hearing this, many voters didn't attempt to vote and that is reflected in the total turnout. Some voters tend to vote only when they feel that there is neck to neck fight. Otherwise, they don't wish to spend their energies on an already declared thing. 

Now the total majority garnered by Guru Murty, the YSRCP candidate is 2.71 lakh which is pretty good. Considering the percentage of vote share, there is an increase of almost 2% when compared to that of 2019 election. 

Despite this better performance, the projected figures by the over enthusiastic YSRCP leaders kept the morale of party supporters little down after the result.

It's just the matter of perception- a bigger line drawn beside a big line shows the big line smaller.

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