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NRI TDP: Leaked Video Exposes Shocking Realities

NRI TDP: Leaked Video Exposes Shocking Realities

Komati Jayaram, an NRI associated with TANA, addressed a fundraising meeting aimed at supporting their favored party, TDP.

In his address, he said, "When we visit our villages, we know who doesn't vote for us. We need to target such men and their families. They also has a wife and children. We need to understand their needs and fulfill them to pull them to our side. We need to change at least 1000 such families in every constituency. If necessary, we need to spend 2-3 lakhs to influence 10 families; it's not a big deal for us. There's nobody in this meeting who sees 2 lakhs as a significant amount."

He further remarked, "This is a critical time. We don't have time for a honeymoon. We only have one month, which is a do-or-die situation. We need to work with a goal-oriented approach."

This video exposes the dubious tactics of TDP-NRIs in attempting to buy votes through monetary means. It also sheds light on the precarious situation of the TDP, as acknowledged by the speaker himself when he refers to them being in a "do or die" scenario.


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